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No. Part Number Manufacturer Description
1 T718N14TOF VT Infineon Technologies SCRs PCT 1400V 719A
2 P2600ZB Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 4Chp 220V 100A
3 P0721SC Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 500A 65V
4 Q2015R6 Littelfuse Inc Triacs -
5 T739N38TOF Infineon Technologies SCR Modules 3.8KV 17KA
6 P0640SD Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 1000A 58V
7 MCR8SN ON Semiconductor SCRs 800V 8A
8 P0080ZC Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 4Chp 6V 500A
9 DT106N25/18KOF Infineon Technologies SCR Modules PHASE CONTROL THYRISTOR MODULE
10 IRKT430-16 Vishay Semiconductors SCR Modules 1600 Volt 430 Amp
11 TISP2180 Bourns Inc. Sidacs
12 P0720ZB Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 4Chp 65V 100A
13 MCR72-006 ON Semiconductor SCRs 400V 8A
14 T348N03TOF Infineon Technologies SCR Modules PHASE CONTROL THYRISTOR
15 VSKT42/08P Vishay Semiconductors SCR Modules 800 Volt 45 Amp
16 T3159N18TOF Infineon Technologies SCR Modules 1.8KV 63KA
17 TISP4260F3DR Bourns Inc. Sidacs
18 P1302SB Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 120V 100A DO214 2L SIDACtor Bi
19 P4202AC Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 500A 190/380V
20 MAC97A6RLRP ON Semiconductor Triacs THY .6A 400V TRIAC
21 TISP3380F3SL Bourns Inc. Sidacs High Volt Dual Bidirectional
22 T1049N16TOF Infineon Technologies SCR Modules 1.6KV 19KA
23 P0080SA Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 50A 6V
24 P0721SA Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 50A 65V
25 T638N22TOF Infineon Technologies SCR Modules
26 CR1602AA Crydom Co. Sidacs T0 220 95V
27 P2000SB Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 100A 180V
28 TISP7125H3SL Bourns Inc. Sidacs Triple Element Bidirectional
29 T1218N24TOF Infineon Technologies SCR Modules 2.4KV 25KA
30 CR2702AC Crydom Co. Sidacs T0 220 160V
31 TISP4300H3BJR Bourns Inc. Sidacs
32 TISP4200M3BJR Bourns Inc. Sidacs
33 T1509N12TOF Infineon Technologies SCR Modules 1.2KV 39KA
34 Q4015R6 Littelfuse Inc Triacs
35 T175N24EOC Infineon Technologies SCR Modules
36 TISP4C350H3BJR Bourns Inc. Sidacs 275 TO 350V(BO) 500A(IPP) (R)
37 T178N18TOF Infineon Technologies SCR Modules 1.8KV 3KA
38 CR3203AA Crydom Co. Sidacs T0 220 350V
39 VSKT42/14P Vishay Semiconductors SCR Modules 1400 Volt 45 Amp
40 TISP7180 Bourns Inc. Sidacs
41 MAC12N ON Semiconductor Triacs THY 12A 800V TRIAC
42 P1300SC Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 500A 120V
43 T879N12TOF Infineon Technologies SCR Modules 1.2KV 17.5KA
44 TISP4115M3LMR Bourns Inc. Sidacs
45 P1602AC Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 500A 65/130V
46 T458N22TOF Infineon Technologies SCR Modules 2.2KV 10KA
47 TISP4400M3LM Bourns Inc. Sidacs
48 2N6403 ON Semiconductor SCRs 400V 16A
49 P1402AB Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 100A 58/116V
50 TISP4250H3LMR Bourns Inc. Sidacs