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No. Part Number Manufacturer Description
1 K1V18-4061 Shindengen Sidacs ITSM=20 VBO= 165-200
2 KL3Z18-4073 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=15 ITSM=30
3 KT10L07-4100 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=58 ITSM=100
4 TVB200SC TE Connectivity / Raychem Sidacs SiBar Thyristor 200V
5 KA10R25-4061 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=190 ITSM=100
6 TVB170SA TE Connectivity / Raychem Sidacs SiBar Thyristor 170V
7 KT40N14-4100 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=120 ITSM=400
8 KT15R25-4100 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=190 ITSM=150
9 KP4N12-4063 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=100 ITSM=40
10 KP10L08-4063 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=63 ITSM=100
11 K1V14-4061 Shindengen Sidacs ITSM=20 VBO= 125-150
12 KL3R20-4073 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=175 ITSM=30
13 KP10L07-4063 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=58 ITSM=100
14 TVB200SA TE Connectivity / Raychem Sidacs SiBar Thyristor 200V
15 K1V(A)14-4070 Shindengen Sidacs Bidirect 115V 1.0A
16 KP4N12-4103 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=100 ITSM=40
17 KP10R25-4063 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=190 ITSM=100
18 KT10L08-4100 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=63 ITSM=100
19 TVB058SC-L TE Connectivity / Raychem Sidacs SiBar Thyristor 58V
20 KL3L07-4103 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=58 ITSM=30
21 KP15R25-4063 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=190 ITSM=150
22 KL3Z07-4073 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=5 ITSM=30
23 KA3Z07-4070 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=5 ITSM=30
24 KU10N14-4063 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=120 ITSM=100
25 TSMBJ0324C Micro Commercial Co Sidacs 320V 30A
26 TB3500H-13 Diodes Inc Sidacs 320V 100A
27 TSMBJ1018C Micro Commercial Co Sidacs 220V 100A
28 TSMBJ1012C Micro Commercial Co Sidacs 160V 100A
29 TSMBJ1006C Micro Commercial Co Sidacs 75V 100A
30 TSMBJ0506C Micro Commercial Co Sidacs 75V 50A
31 TSMBJ0516C Micro Commercial Co Sidacs 190V 50A
32 TB2300M-13 Diodes Inc Sidacs 190V 50A
33 TB1300H-13 Diodes Inc Sidacs 120V 100A
34 TB1800H-13 Diodes Inc Sidacs 160V 100A
35 TSMBJ0518C Micro Commercial Co Sidacs 220V 50A
36 TB0900H-13 Diodes Inc Sidacs 75V 100A
37 CS92M Central Semiconductor SCRs 0.8A 600V
38 KL3N14-4073 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=120 ITSM=30