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No. Part Number Manufacturer Description
1 P1800SALRP Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 50A 170V
2 P1500Q22CLRP Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 130V 500A SIDACtor
3 TISP8200HDMR-S Bourns Inc. SCRs Buffered P-Gate SCR Dual
4 P0300SCMCLRP Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 500A 25V 25-45pF
5 P1602ABL Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 100A 65/130V
6 TISP8201HDMR-S Bourns Inc. SCRs Buffered N-Gate SCR Dual
7 P4802ABL Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 100A 220/440V
8 Q6040K7 Littelfuse Inc Triacs 600V 40A 100-100-100mA
9 TISP61089HDMR-S Bourns Inc. SCRs Dual P Gate Forward Conducting
10 TISP7015L1DR-S Bourns Inc. Sidacs Triple Element
11 TISP6NTP2CDR-S Bourns Inc. SCRs Quad Buffered PGate Forward Conducting
12 AVS1ACP08 STMicroelectronics SCRs Auto Voltage Switch
13 Q6025K6 Littelfuse Inc Triacs 600V 25A 80-80-80mA
14 M5010013V Crydom Co. SCR Modules POWER MODULE
15 TSMBJ0518C/TP Micro Commercial Co Sidacs 220V 50A
16 TSMBJ0307C/TP Micro Commercial Co Sidacs 90V 30A
17 TSMBJ1016C/TP Micro Commercial Co Sidacs 190V 100A
18 TSMBJ0506C/TP Micro Commercial Co Sidacs 75V 50A
19 P0640SDLRP Littelfuse Inc Sidacs HIGH SURGE 58V 1000A
20 TISP61089QBDR-S Bourns Inc. SCRs Quad Programmable Protector
21 P3500SCLRP Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 500A 320V
22 SEP0080Q38CB Littelfuse Inc Sidacs SEP Ethernet 100A Biasd Protec. Device
23 P0720SDLRP Littelfuse Inc Sidacs HIGH SURGE 65V 1000A
24 P0080Q22CLRP Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 6V 500A SIDACtor
25 VS-25TTS08SPBF Vishay Semiconductors SCRs 800 Volt 25 Amp
26 P2703AAL Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 3Chp 230V 50A
27 P0640SCMCLRP Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 500A 58V
28 Q8040K7 Littelfuse Inc Triacs 800V 40A
29 Q4025K6 Littelfuse Inc Triacs 400V 25A
30 P0080Q12ALRP Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 6V 50A QFN 3X3 2L SIDACtor Bi
31 P2300EBL Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 100A 190V
32 CS223-4M Central Semiconductor SCRs SMD SCR
33 2N5062 Central Semiconductor SCRs 0.8A 100V
34 TSMBJ1018C/TP Micro Commercial Co Sidacs 220V 100A
35 2N5061 Central Semiconductor SCRs 0.8A 60V
36 TSMBJ1012C/TP Micro Commercial Co Sidacs 160V 100A
37 TSMBJ1010C/TP Micro Commercial Co Sidacs 140V 100A
38 Q8040J7 Littelfuse Inc Triacs 800V 40A
39 P3100S1ALRP Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 50A 275V DO214AC
40 Q6040J7 Littelfuse Inc Triacs 600V 40A
41 TISP4040H1BJR-S Bourns Inc. Sidacs Very Low Volt Bidirectional
42 TISP9110LDMR-S Bourns Inc. SCRs Dual Polarity SLIC
43 VS-30TPS16PBF Vishay Semiconductors SCRs 1600 Volt 30 Amp
44 P2600SALRP Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 50A 220V
45 P1101SCLRP Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 500A 90V
46 P0640SALRP Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 50A 58V
47 Q4040J7 Littelfuse Inc Triacs 400V 40A
48 P0640ECL Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 500A 58V
49 P2600ECL Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 500A 220V
50 P0080SBLRP Littelfuse Inc Sidacs 100A 6V
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