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No. Part Number Family Description
1 IS61WV6416DBLL-10TLI Memory SRAM 1Mb, 64Kx16, 8ns Async SRAM 3.3v
2 IS42S32800D-7TL Memory DRAM 256M (8Mx32) 143MHz SDRAM, 3.3v
3 IS43R16320D-6TLI Memory DRAM 512M (32Mx16) 166MHz DDR 2.5v
4 IS42S16400J-6TL Memory DRAM 64M (4Mx16) 166MHz SDRAM, 3.3v
5 IS61WV102416BLL-10TLI Memory SRAM 16M (1Mx16) 10ns Async SRAM 3.3v
6 IS43DR16160A-25EBL Memory DRAM 256M (16Mx16) 400MHz DDR2 1.8v
7 IS61WV25616BLL-10TLI Memory SRAM 4Mb 256Kx16 10ns Async SRAM 3.3v
8 IS41LV16105C-50KLI Memory DRAM 16Mb (1M x 16) 50ns DRAM Async
9 IS62WV25616DBLL-45TLI Memory SRAM 4Mb (256k x 16) Async SRAM
10 IS61QDB21M36-250M3L Memory SRAM 36M (1Mx36) 250ns QUAD Sync SRAM
11 IS43LR16800F-6BLI Memory DRAM 128M (8Mx16) 166MHz Mobile DDR 1.8v
12 IS42S16320D-7TL Memory DRAM 512M (32Mx16) 143MHz SDRAM, 3.3v
13 IS61C256AL-12JLI Memory SRAM 256K 32Kx8 12ns Async SRAM
14 IS66WV51216DBLL-55TLI Memory SRAM 8Mb 512K x 16 55ns PSRAM 2.5v-3.6v
15 IS62C256AL-45ULI Memory SRAM 256K 32K x 8 45ns 5v Async SRAM 5v
16 IS43R32800D-5BL Memory DRAM 256M (16Mx16) 200MHz DDR 2.5v
17 IS42S16800E-7TL Memory DRAM 128M (8Mx16) 143MHz SDRAM, 3.3v
18 IS46DR16640B-25DBLA2 Memory DRAM 1G (64Mx16) 400MHz DDR2 1.8v
19 IS45TR16128A-125KBLA1 Memory DRAM 2G 1.5V, (128M x 16) DDR3
20 IS61QDPB42M18A-400M3L Memory SRAM 36Mb 2Mx18 2.5 QUAD Sync SRAM
21 IS46DR16128-3DBLA1 Memory DRAM Automotive 2G,1.8V DDR2,128Mx16,333Mhz
22 IS43LR32160B-6BLI-TR Memory DRAM 512M (16Mx32) Mobile DDR 1.8v
23 IS43TR16640A-15GBL-TR Memory DRAM 1G, 1.5V, (64M x 16) DDR3
24 IS43TR16128A-15HBLI-TR Memory DRAM 2G 1.5V, (128M x 16) DDR3
25 IS45S32200L-7TLA1 Memory DRAM 64M, 3.3V, 143Mhz 2M x 32 SDRAM
26 IS66WVE2M16DBLL-70BLI Memory SRAM 32Mb, 2.5v-3.6v 70ns 2M x 16 Async SRAM
27 IS61WV5128EDBLL-10TLI-TR Memory SRAM 2Mb 128K x 16 2.5v- Async SRAM
28 IS45S32200L-7TLA2-TR Memory DRAM Automotive 64M,3.3V SDRAM,2Mx32,143MHz
29 IS61QDB22M18A-250M3L Memory SRAM 36Mb 2Mx18 165ball QUAD Sync SRAM
30 IS64WV12816DBLL-12BLA3-TR Memory SRAM 2Mb, 128Kx16, 8ns Async SRAM
31 IS49RL36160-107EBLI Memory DRAM RLDRAM3 Memory, 576M Common I/O, 933Mhz
32 IS45S16320D-7BLA2 Memory DRAM 512Mb, 3.3V, 143MHz 32M x 16 SDRAM
33 IS43R32400E-4BL-TR Memory DRAM 128M (4Mx32) 250MHz DDR 2.5v
34 IS42VM32400G-75BLI Memory DRAM 128M (4Mx32) 133MHz Mobile SDRAM 1.8v
35 IS43R16800E-6TL-TR Memory DRAM 128M (8Mx16) 166MHz DDR 2.5v
36 IS43TR16640A-15GBL Memory DRAM 1G, 1.5V, (64M x 16) DDR3
37 IS49NLS18320-33BLI Memory DRAM 576Mbit x18 Separate I/O 300MHz IT
38 IS62WV6416ALL-55BLI-TR Memory SRAM 1M (64Kx16) 55ns Async SRAM
39 IS42S32200L-7BL Memory DRAM 64M (2Mx32) 143MHz SDRAM, 3.3v
40 IS43DR16640B-25EBLI Memory DRAM 1G (64Mx16) 400MHz DDR2 1.8v
41 IS41LV16105C-50KLI-TR Memory DRAM 16Mb (1M x 16) 50ns DRAM Async
42 IS43DR16160A-25EBLI Memory DRAM 256M (16Mx16) 400MHz DDR2 1.8v
43 IS61LPS51236A-200B3LI Memory SRAM 18Mb 512Kx36 200MHz Sync SRAM 3.3v
44 IS41C16100C-50KLI-TR Memory DRAM 16M EDO DRAM Async 1Mx16 50ns 42 pin
45 IS42SM32160C-75BL-TR Memory DRAM 512M (16Mx32) 133MHz Mobile SDRAM 3.3v
46 IS45S16400E-6TLA1 Memory DRAM 64M (4Mx16) 166MHz SDRAM 3.3v
47 IS42RM16160D-7BLI-TR Memory DRAM 256M (16Mx16) 143MHz Mobile SDRAM, 2.5v
48 IS43R16160D-6BLI Memory DRAM 256M (16Mx16) 166MHz DDR 2.5v
49 IS42S16100E-6BLI Memory DRAM 16M 1Mx16 166Mhz SDRAM, 3.3v
50 IS45S32200L-7TLA1-TR Memory DRAM Automotive 64M,3.3V SDRAM,2Mx32,143MHz
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