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Multimedia ICs

Integrated Circuits (ICs)

No. Part Number Manufacturer Description
2 LMH0001SQE/NOPB Texas Instruments Video ICs Serial Digital Cable Driver
3 FMS6143CSX Fairchild Semiconductor Video ICs Video Filter Driver
4 GP1UX500QS Sharp Microelectronics Multimedia Misc Remote Cont Rec 5V 36 kHz
5 TDA9984AHW/HTQ,551 NXP Semiconductors Video ICs HDMI 1.3 transmitter w/1080p upscaler EMB
6 SXVX-50BHG IDT Video ICs
7 MAX9406ETM+ Maxim Integrated Video ICs Displayport To DVI / HDMI Level Shifter
8 EL4501IUZ Intersil Video ICs EL4501IUZVIDEO FRONT END
9 TSH344IDT STMicroelectronics Video ICs 340MHz Single-Supply Triple Video Buffer
10 VPP1101AEVG8 IDT Video ICs
11 TDA9984AHW15C184,5 NXP Semiconductors Video ICs HDMI 1.3 transmitter w/1080p upscaler EMB
12 ISL59921IRZ Intersil Video ICs ISL95810W SINGLE 256 TAP I2C 10KOHM XDCP
13 VHD1900EVG8 IDT Video ICs
14 NJM2207M NJR Video ICs Dual H Bridge Driver
15 NJM2257D NJR Video ICs Seperator w/ AFC
16 MAX9597CTI+ Maxim Integrated Video ICs A/V Switch for Dual SCART Connector
17 NJM2274R-TE1 NJR Video ICs Low Pwr w/ Y-C Mxr
18 NCS2561SQT1G ON Semiconductor Multimedia Misc SBN HFS - VIDEO AMP
20 MAX11507CEE+ Maxim Integrated Video ICs 6Ch SD+HD/SD Select Video Filters & Buff
21 STA323W STMicroelectronics Multimedia Misc 2.1 Ch High EFF 10V to 36V 100dB SNR
22 FMS6143ACSX Fairchild Semiconductor Video ICs 3 Chan 6th Order SD Video Filter Driver
23 NJM2563F1-TE1 NJR Video ICs Lw V Amp w/LPF
24 WM8224SEFL/R Wolfson Microelectronics Video ICs 16Bit 40MSPS 3Ch AFE
25 NJM2255M NJR Video ICs Chroma Sgnl Hue Ctlr
26 TDA9984AHW/C182/57 NXP Semiconductors Video ICs TDA9984AHW/HTQFP80/TRAYDPM//15
27 SAA7121H/V2,518 NXP Semiconductors Video ICs SAA7121H/QFP44/REEL13DP//V2
28 TDA4605 STMicroelectronics Video ICs SMPS Controller
29 TDA8787AHLBE-S NXP Semiconductors Video ICs ADC 10BIT 18MSPS
30 TMC2111AN2C Fairchild Semiconductor Video ICs Shift Register Variable Length
31 IP4364CX8/LF /T3 NXP Semiconductors Multimedia Misc INTEGRATED ESD
32 TMC2250AKEC Fairchild Semiconductor Video ICs Matrix Multiplier
33 VSP1900DBTRG4 Texas Instruments Video ICs CCD Vertical Clock Driver
34 TMC2011AN2C1 Fairchild Semiconductor Video ICs Shift Register Variable Length
35 FMS6417ACHX Fairchild Semiconductor Video ICs AngfgVidFltrDrvrW/YC Comp&Modular output
36 ML86V7668ATBZ03A-7 Oki Semiconductor Video ICs NTSC/PAL/SECAM video decoder w/10-bit ADC
37 VSP2230Y/2K Texas Instruments Video ICs 10-Bit 36Msps Signal Processor
38 E-TEA6422DT STMicroelectronics Multimedia Misc BUS-CONTROLLED AUDIO MATRIX
39 MAX11509UUD+ Maxim Integrated Video ICs 3Ch HD/PS/SD/BP Video Filters & Buff
40 FMS6203MTC1400X Fairchild Semiconductor Video ICs LowCost 3-Chnl Video FltrDrvrs SD/PS/HD
41 TMC2111AN2C1 Fairchild Semiconductor Video ICs Shift Register Variable Length
42 TMC2246AKEC Fairchild Semiconductor Video ICs Image Filter
43 TC90A69FG(ELP) Toshiba Video ICs Multi Color 3Line Comb
44 NJM#2574RB1-TE1 NJR Video ICs Lw V Amp w/LPF Lead Free Package
45 NJM#2573V-TE1 NJR Video ICs Lw V 3 ch Amp w/LPF
46 NJM#2536AM NJR Video ICs RF Mod for VHF
47 NJM#2586L NJR Video ICs 455kHz FM IF Demod
48 NJM#2207S NJR Video ICs Super Imposer
49 NJM#2562F1-TE1 NJR Video ICs Lw V Amp w/LPF
50 NJM2228M-TE3 NJR Video ICs Doubler/Tripler
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